We enable individuals and businesses to be perfectly equipped with Cross-Cultural competences and skills to stand out on your Global business adventure!

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Orange Cultures equips clients to go forward with the most effective and profitable strategies when going global or dealing cross culturally.

marina iskhakova - founder of Orange CulturesDr. Marina Iskhakova is Founder and Director of ORANGE CULTURES.

She is energetic, ambitious and an open-minded Cross-Cultural Professional. She has a strong academic background with a PhD in HR from Russia and a MBA in Strategic Leadership from Norway/China with a focus on an Asian Business Environment. Marina started her professional career at the Research Department of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia in 1997, where for the first time, she was exposed to many different cultures. She is also a distinct entrepreneur, starting her first business – an extreme team building company at the age of 26 in St. Petersburg, Russia and contributed to the development of effective business teams in Russia.

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Read what our most recent client had to say about Orange Cultures!

“It is a real joy to experience Marinas commitment and excitement for the subject. Marina is a very supportive and encouraging lecturer and she really cared about each individuals progress.
With different interesting discussion topics and practical exercises she managed to make the subject not only fun but she also managed to encourage each student to be part of the class and each discussion. I have still a lot of use for everything she taught me.”
Marica Nordqvist

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